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The worship of Tulasī Devī

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Scriptural Basis and Related Stories – -Nectar of Devotion, page 57, “How to Discharge Devotional Service. ” “So altogether there are sixty- four items for discharging the regulated practice of devotional service. Out of these sixty-four items, five items-namely, offering water to the Tulasi tree, hearing the Srimad Bhagavatam, associating amongst the devotees, and sankirtana and living in Mathura- – are very important . ” See also 101-102 .

Worship– As Tulasi’s servant, your responsibility enters into all the different aspects of Her existence. You must see that She is being maintained properly ~ that Her leaves are always offered in a clean and fresh manner, and that the devotees all are given the opportunity to worship Her.

Needed paraphernalia — stand for worshipping Her on, ghee lamp, two bowls and two spoons (use small spoons to help avoid over watering), arati tray to hold the paraphernalia, we have the various prayers typed up and in a glass picture frame, a large sign with the words to “Namo namo… . . .” so guests and neophytes can sing and learn, a bell. Always ask guests to participate, as with a little prodding, they always join in and enjoy themselves. The devotees should always bow down when they see Her. . . if you always treat Her with great respect, they will fol1ow.

Odds and Ends– Make Her some skirts to fit around Her pot when She is on the altar, and if possible, change the Tulasis on the altar every day as the hot lights and lack of sun will effect Her . Always remember to check and see if She has been placed over a voltive candle or ghee bowl that might burn Her leaves. Try to arrange some time when the Deities are being dressed or during doop arotiks . Always keep Her room neat and clean . . . fresh air that is not too cold or breezy is essential. Decorate Her room with pictures. Use incense sparingly as it tends to make Her sick if you burn it continually. One or two sticks a day are refreshing and sufficient as well. Garlands left for more than a day will mold and attract bugs. If She is in a greenhouse or enclosed protection, and you find it getting too hot inside, try a whitewash of lime and water very inexpensive] on the roof and that will filter out much of the heat but leave the necessary rays . Be sure to rotate Her if She is in a window, so that She will grow symmetrically.

Become regulated and follow the schedule arranged for Her and you will be able to do more In less time. Do a little bit each day and you will always be on top of the situation. The daily squirting can be skipped occasionally, if the weather is cold or She is weak from something other than spiders . Material nature is constantly mutable so be sure to check on Her several times throughout the day, when you first wake up, around 10 a.m., around 2 p .m., sunset, and before taking rest. By letting yourself be absorbed in Her service, you will become blissful. She is very kind.