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Question: As a student, what is the best way to preach and remain in Krsna consciousness? how to remain focused while chanting?

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Jayapataka Swami:  If one is preaching, why can one then one not remain fixed in Krsna consciousness? If we understand, just like this pandemic is going on. That, the material nature gives us the promise that we will be happy. But we always end up getting kicked! Lord Caitanya taught that we should tolerate, be tolerant of the happiness, be tolerant of the suffering. And to develop our natural affection for Krsna. So, by having good association, you will be better equipped in preaching in the college. The second question? Before I met the devotees, I had this problem. My mind was going here and there and everywhere. Once I had the process of bhakti yoga, it was so nice that I didn’t want to go anywhere else! So I don’t really understand this question! If you practice bhakti yoga, if you read the books, then naturally, you will be fixed! Hare Krsna! At least we can regulate our material life so that we have Krsna in the center. I am very happy that we have many grihastas here. Srila Bhakti Vinod Thakur, he was grihasta guru. So in his song, about Godrumdvip in Namahatta, he says, Krsnera samsara koro, cari anacar. He said, make a Krsna conscious family. Give up the unauthorized activities. So like eating these creatures and doing different kinds of prohibited things like drinking or taking narcotics, naturally that makes one mentally disturbed. So, he was stating that make a Krsna conscious family, and give up the unauthorized things. Hare Krsna!