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Question: How can we serve you and what are the responsibilities of shelter disciples and how do we execute them? ?

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Jayapataka Swami: Guru maharaj quipped – execute them or excuse them!
Happy to receive your question. The stage of shelter is actually a stage very similar to initiation. One practices all the requirements of initiation as far as possible. And then one is able to see if you are ready to be initiated or not. The six month period is given, minimum for one in the shelter stage, guru asraya. So basically the duties in the shelter stage for my disciples, is of course to complete the checklist. For other disciples, I don’t know what are required. I have a checklist – which reading they should do, which practices they should learn, which mantras they should sing and there are certain things that are required by ISKCON law, like the ISKCON Disciple Course, IDC, and so all these things. The temple president, he has to give a recommendation, so in Russia, in some countries they say that taking shelter, you have to be in the shelter stage for minimum one year. The GBC law is that minimum six months. So I don’t know what your temple president requires but he should also see to that. In a nutshell.