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Question: How we can cultivate the servant attitude and get rid of our selfishness?

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Jayapataka Swami: Da! (Yes in Russian) How to do this? Now these how to questions are, what is the process of devotional service? By following this process, we should learn to love Krsna and to serve Krsna and in the Nectar of Devotion, there is a description what we should do in devotional service. A whole system to train us – we give up selfishness, offer unmotivated service to Krsna. See the devas are also devotees. There are two kinds of devotees – sakama bhakta, devotees who have desires and they want to serve Krsna to get their desires, their material desires. And then there are niskama bhaktas – they just want Krsna to be pleased! So when you please Krsna, you get spiritual bliss! Spiritual loving ecstasy which is much higher than the fulfillment of material desires. So, we are trying to present niskama bhakti. But, some people want sakama bhakti. Most of the religions of the world, they promote sakama bhakti. I was listening to one Christian preacher – he said pray to the Lord, you will get a raise in your job! They are promoting satisfaction of material desires. We are – Lord Caitanya taught that if we regulate our material desires, and we rather try to please the Lord, that is much more satisfying! And, that is niskama bhakti. By practicing niskama bhakti we get rid of our various conditionings.