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Eight Names of Tulasi Devi

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Eight names of Tulasi Devi

Vrindavani, vrinda, visvapujita, pushpasara,
Nandina, krsna-jivani, visva-pavani, tulasi

Vrindavani – one who first manifested in Vrindavan.
Vrinda – The goddess of all plants and trees (even if one Tulasi plant is present in a forest it can be called Vrindavan.).
Visvapujita – one whom the whole universe worships.
Pushpasara – the top most of all flowers, without whom Krishna does not like to look upon other flowers.
Nandini –  seeing whom gives unlimited bliss to the devotees.
Krishna-jivani –  The life of Krishna.
Visva-pavani –  one who purifies the three worlds.
Tulasi –  one who has no comparison.
Anyone while worshipping Tulasi Devi chants these eight names will get the same result as one who performs the Asvamed Yagna and one who on the full moon day of Karttik (Tulasi Devi’s appearance day) worships her with this mantra will break free from the bonds of this miserable world of birth and death, and very quickly attains Goloka Vrindavan. On the full moon day of Karttik Lord Krishna Himself worships Tulasi Devi with this mantra.

One who remembers this mantra will very quickly attain devotion to Lord Krishna’s lotus feet.