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Question: Are there any special instructions for those who have aspired from you and how can I develop more faith in my spiritual master as the initiated devotees have?

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Jayapataka Swami:  Maybe you should talk with the initiated devotees. Why they have so much faith! Of course in ISKCON we are a multi-guru society. But we may aspire from one of the gurus as our siksa and diksa guru. So we should hear from our guru and we should hear about him also. Just like, this class, these questions and answers are being broadcast on Facebook. And almost every day I give class. So aspiring devotees, initiated devotees, anyone can listen to these classes. Also, occasionally, few temples they have Jayapataka Swami Sisya Samuha meetings. In Mayapur it happens every week on Thursdays. And they put those meetings on You Tube. So you can hear what different devotees have realized. Some temples they have once a month, some once in two months. So you can also participate.