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SIDC – Bhima Dasa, Manager & Trustee, BBT, India, Attended

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Bhīma dāsa was a special guest to the South Indian Divisional Council. And he thanked everyone for their participation in the various marathons over last year. How the goal of 10,000 was set for the Bhadra Pūrṇimā sets distribution, but somehow we reached 24,000 and more. He said that also, the goal was for 2 million Bhagavad-gītās and we achieved 2.1 million, and 1.7 million was distributed by India. So, as an Indian BBT, he was very appreciative. He also mentioned that my advocacy of the book distribution helped.

He requested everyone to send in whatever score they have, to the BBT International Newsletter. Śrī Rāma dāsa would help any temple on how to do it, if they did not know how to do it.