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Question: He asked why Gaudiya matt’s panjika, calendar and our calendar sometimes different?

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Jayapataka Swami: According to our calendar, today was the dark moon day and tomorrow is the first day. So according to the sastra, it says we should observe the Govardhan puja on the Pratipat. So according to our calendar, tomorrow is Pratipat and today is Amavasya. For the Gaudiya matta, yesterday was Amavasya and today is Pratipat. So why we have a difference? That is a question to ask our calendar pandits! But according to our calendar we are right. It is an interesting question. Sometimes there is a day difference. Apparently the Bagh Bazar Gaudiya Matt follows the same panjika that we do and their observance is the same. All the other Gaudiya Matts follow the Calcutta Panjika Mala. So like that there is some difference. So our pandits and their pandits should meet together and discuss the issue. But I am not the one, I am not a calendar pandit!