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Announcement To The Community Regarding Covid

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H.G. Braja Vilāsa Prabhu, he made a forceful announcement to the community, that all the managers, divisional heads, sector leaders, brahmacārī councils have met together and since there is a kind of a second wave in India, where 7.5 lakhs of people have turned positive and somehow, Māyāpur devotees have also turned positive. So the doctor is saying, he needs help, he can’t deal alone with all the patients. So we need some volunteers to come and help the nurses and doctors, especially.

So, the doctor has described the second wave – it is not a wave, it is like a tsunami, and we have to be very careful. So this was announced to the members of the community that if they want to enter the temple, they must wear a mask. No mask no entry! And if they cheat and wear mask at the doorway and take it off inside, a picture will be taken and they will be prohibited from entering for three days! If they do it again, they will be prohibited from coming to the temple for a week or more.