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Question: I have heard that one is not supposed to get the Giriraj shila on her own and the shila would be given by some Brajawasi. If a devotee has strong attachment to Giriraj and has desire to worship Giriraj Shila what is the qualification and how to get the Shila?

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Jayapataka Swami: Answer to the first question, yes. That is what I have heard also. That we have to get the Shila from a Brajawasi and Srila Prabhupada said that worshiping a Govardhan Shila is more spontaneous. That one should be very advanced in spontaneous devotion. A Shaligram Shila is more formal worship. And that one can get either from anyone or they can go to the Damodara Kunda or Muktinath in Kali Gandaki, but they should not purchase the shaligrams. Some people bow down in the water, grab a stone and come up, and they have a shaligram! it is freezing cold!