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Question: Did Laksmipriya disappear in separation of Lord Caitanya when He went to Gaya? Here it is not mentioned. Whereas in Caitanya Caritamrita it is mentioned. Kindly clarify.

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Jayapataka Swami: When Lord Caitanya went to East Bengal, at that time Laksmipriya disappeared. As far as I remember, when He went to Gaya, He had married Visnupriya. So maybe they used the word Laksmi in place of Visnupriya. I am a bit confused myself, because as I understood, when He went to East Bengal and came back, Laksmipriya had left. And when He went to Gaya, He had already married Visnupriya. So maybe our editors can clarify this point. It is true that Visnupriya is also Laksmi. Ha! 10-FEBRUARY-2020 SRI MAYAPUR DHAM, INDIA