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Jayapataka Swami: One devotee, one lady, last year she made many home visits and she got many people to chant and offer lamps in the month of Damodara, but this year her husband is a bit sick, so she has to stay home part time, to care for her husband. So she was lamenting like this to some brahmacari. The brahmacari told her, oh, your desire to preach is like that of a sannyasi. You will take birth again and become a sannyasi in your next life. She asked me and I said that, she is already She admitted she has the mood of a sannyasi. So she will not take birth again, straight she will go back to the spiritual world. But the brahmacari, if he doesn’t have the mood of preaching, he may have to take birth again. So you can help me by getting other people to practice Krsna consciousness. If you also develop your love for Krsna I will be very satisfied. Hare Krsna!