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Question: From one mataji, she has two children, one studying in 6th and another in 12th standard. They were practicing Krsna consciousness in their early childhood. And they also tried to cultivate their father who was not so Krsna conscious. But the mother and children preached to father and their father became favorable. But then the children they dropped their interest in Krsna consciousness after father became interested. So then they started saying there is no God, there is no bhakti. Now mother is initiated devotee and father is also practicing. But the children are not taking up Krsna consciousness. So why does this happen? And what is the remedy, how to make the children Krsna conscious? If Guru Maharaj can give blessings to them?

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Jayapataka Swami: It is due to bad association. Just like Jagai and Madhai, they were born in a good family but they had bad association so they became drunkards. So somehow your children, they have bad association and this is destroying their bhakti. So you have to cultivate your older child, by explaining how his understanding is wrong, give them good association. Haribol!