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Question: How to get free from material attachments?

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Jayapataka Swami: You see; the process of bhakti yoga is a different process. We practice yukta vairagya. So you use your material attachments in the service of Krsna. In this way you transfer your attachment to Lord Krsna and automatically your attachments to the material world will diminish and your attachment to Krsna will increase. And you should also learn to be very affectionate to Krsna, His pastimes, His character, His personality, are all wonderful. So you should appreciate how wonderful Krsna is automatically you will be more attached to Krsna and less attached to material things. If you read the prayers of Queen Kunti, being a woman she was naturally attached to her children, to relatives, but she prayed to Krsna that she could be more attached to Him. Those prayers of Queen Kunti are very nice to read. Haribol!