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Question: I have been a devotee for eight years and have begged for initiation. The rest is your mercy. My family is a ritualistic brahmana family. When I go home I have to do a lot of pujas along with my father. But my siksa guru told me that once I take initiation, I cannot do all these pujas. My family is not a devotee family. In this situation, what should I do?

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Jayapataka Swami: The devas and devis can be worshipped as vaisnavas and vaisnavis. After praying to Krsna, then the prasad can be offered to the vaisnavas and vaisnavis. Oh English! Ha! So, he said that his wife is a brahmana, she worships the demigods, she is not a devotee. But his siksa guru, I don’t know who that is, he cannot worship devas and devis. So, the point is that we don’t worship demigods as if they are the supreme. We worship them as angels, or devotees, vaisnava nam yata Sambu. Lord Siva is the greatest of all vaisnavas. And as such you can offer the Visnu prasadam to the different devas and devis. And that is allowed.