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Question: How to follow Amanina mana dena?

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Jayapataka Swami: Amanina mana dena means to offer respect to others and not expect respect for yourself. Somebody told me to read the book “How to win friends and influence people”. The book was written by Dale Carnegie I think. And the whole book was summed up in  amaanina mana dena. Tell somebody something nice about him. You are a very beautiful lady! Oh you are a very handsome man! If you say nice things, people like you. So what is the difficulty? You can say something good about anybody! In fact, by saying something good, people will appreciate you! But if we don’t expect any appreciation, we will never be let down! Ha! Ha! One time, our communications minister told us in the GBC, that pick a person near to you, and tell them something nice about them. Not false, something real! Then tell something, constructive criticism. And then say something nice again! So like you tell someone, ‘oh, your kirtan is very nice! But then you say, sometimes I am not able to follow you, you chant a very high melody! But your bhakti is so moving, that I feel great ecstasy in hearing you chant.’ Haribol! Haribol! Haribol! So like this, saying something nice and not expecting anything nice. That is aminana mana dena. Any problem in doing that? Instead, normally we criticize others and we accept everyone to praise us! We will be frustrated! Hare Krsna!