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Question: How do I know the Absolute Truth? Krsna says, learn the truth from someone who has seen the truth.

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Jayapataka Swami: There are three ways to know the truth, sastra, sadhu and guru. So, one thing is the sastra says, what is the Absolute Truth. A guru confirms and explains what the sastra says. The sadhus live by the sastra, and they give their personal example. So, through this triple check – sadhu, sastra, guru – we can understand the Absolute Truth. One can, you see the guru, he may have seen the Absolute Truth through the teachings of his guru, that is the guru parampara. And the guru may also, by following the teachings of his guru, he may have realized the Absolute Truth. So you should have a guru who is dependable, who has understood the Absolute Truth. One who has realized the Absolute Truth. So we have sadhus like Prahlad Maharaj and Dhurva and others who teach by their examples. So that is also considered as a type of evidence or pramana.