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Question: As a student in the middle school, how can my daughter continue her study in the school and at the same time in Krsna consciousness? How should she perform her service of studying in the school?

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Jayapataka Swami: We tell the children that their going to school is a devotional service, because they can use their education in the service of Lord Krsna. Of course it is unfortunate that maybe in most school environments, they won’t have a good association. So you have to make that up in the home or with other devotee children. One of my disciples in South America, her daughter, brought her lunch box. And that of course, had vegetarian food and prasadam. But by accident, some other girl took her box and left her box behind. That box looked like the box of the devotee child but inside was NON-VEG! Yucck! Horrible stuff! So she didn’t take it and reported it to her mother. Her mother came and complained, why is this, my daughter is taking vegetarian food and someone has changed the box and left non-veg. This month is special Kartik month, the Damodar puja, where we offer lamp to the deities. Oh, so the principal said, could you do such a program at the school when all the students can offer lamps? She said, yes we could. So she got a picture of Yasoda and Krsna and then all the students offered lamps. And this happens every year. So like that somehow this mishap turned into a great preaching opportunity! Haribol! So we hope you will be able to utilize this situation and make it useful in this type of way.