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Question: A new devotee asked how if she sometimes wanted to eat meat. After she joined Krsna consciousness she knows that eating meat is not good. What to do?

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Jayapataka Swami: Well, point is that we like to take Krsna prasadam. And Krsna does not accept meat, fish or eggs, onion or garlic. So we want to eat other things which we can offer to Krsna and take it as Krsna prasadam. Of course China is famous to make imitation meat of soyabean. So being a vegetarian, you have a strong desire to eat meat, eat the soya replacement! Imitation meat! But we hope that eventually you will develop the higher taste. In one place they offered special dinner of a rabbit, for 200 dollars a plate.  So they brought the rabbits around to each of the people, look in their eyes and cut them, and see which one they wanted to eat. Most people, 90% said they did not want to eat. 10% said they would eat. And then they gave a rabbit and a knife, and said kill it. They said, no, no, we cannot kill it. You want, I should kill for you, why? It is a rabbit dinner, if you want to eat it, kill it. Forget it! Like that they all became vegetarians! Actually, animals feel pain. Why do you want to cause pain to animals? A tomato does not feel pain, as animals do. So you can take a tomato off the plant, an apple off the plant and an okra off the plant, and you can eat it. But that does not cause such a pain as killing the animal.