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Question: I heard that Lord Caitanya He would give Prema Bhakti when somebody touched Him. As soon as somebody touched Him, He would give Prema Bhakti. Now at this time, how Lord Caitanya is giving Prema Bhakti to everyone?

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Jayapataka Swami: He gave Jagai and Madhai Prema Bhakti. We didn’t hear that He allowed Jagai Madhai to touch Him! But, Lord Nityananda prayed to Lord Caitanya to give Him Jagai Madhai. Donate Jagai Madhai to Him! He said, give Me Jagai Madhai! Give Me as donation! Ha! Ha! Lord Caitanya later, He told Madhai and Jagai, that give Me all your sins! He gave them a Tulasi leaf and He said, ‘give Me the leaf back, with all your sins!’ ‘How many hairs on my head, do not equal all the sins I did, they said, so I feel I cannot give all my sins.’ But Lord Caitanya said, ‘give Me! Give Me!’ So finally they gave Him the Tulasi and Jagai and Madhai were forgiven of all their sins. Gauuuuranga! So this was the special mercy of Lord Caitanya! We can get Lord Caitanya’s mercy by chanting His holy name, by serving His confidential devotees, by trying to be Krsna conscious, following the instructions of Lord Caitanya!