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Question: How can we use our professional position in the material world to help expand bhakti vrksa in the western world? As a councilor, in London, how can I assist to expand?

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Jayapataka Swami: Well we are very happy that our sheltered disciple is a councilor in London. You have to do your councilor service according to the city courts. At the same time by serving the people naturally you will get some appreciation from the people. And you can in your private life, you can spread bhakti vrksa or Krsna consciousness. And because you are serving the people as a councilor, and you are doing your service very conscientiously and sincerely, people may be interested in knowing what your personal source of strength is. I don’t think as a councilor, per se, you can directly do anything sectarian. But apart from that, as a private citizen who is also acting responsibly as a councilor, people would be interested in seeing what makes you tick. So you can use your personal example to inspire others. Also if there is any like a Ratha Yatra or something that happens in the city, you may be able to help them organize such a thing to get a city permission. You can in your position as a councilor, in some way try to help them within the legal limits.