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Question: How do we preach to educated people, beautiful people and the youths? It is difficult to preach to them because sometimes they have lot of pride in their hearts and they don’t accept. So how do we preach to them?

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Jayapataka Swami: You can find out, who is expert at preaching to them. And then learn from him or her what is the best process. I was told by Trivikrama maharaj that if some fanatic Christian came up and told me something, that I could ask a question they couldn’t answer. Because they only believe in one life! So you ask, why are some people born blind? Or some people are born crippled? Why are people born with these disabilities? They don’t know, they don’t have any answer. They say it is a mystery. So when other people hear that they criticize them, you have no answer, you only say ‘mystery, mystery mystery.’ We know that someone in their previous life may have done something that has caused them to be born with these disabilities. So educated people, you have to be very respectful, at the same time, we need to learn the philosophy nicely, so we can answer their questions or ask them some question back, that they don’t have answer for, if they don’t listen.