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Visit To Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia For Book Distribution Awards

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They were having a celebration of the 2020 “Labour Of Love”. So, today, after the introduction and pūjā, I was asked to speak, and I spoke on the offering of lamps during Kārtika month and also the head of departments, said in praise those who are serving in their departments.

They had also National Awards for book distribution, and other things. The Kuala Lumpur temple was standing first in book distribution and, the second temple – Temple of Devotion and Understanding and ISKCON Taiping grabbed third place. For Dāmodara programs, Kuala Lumpur temple got first, ISKCON Gelugor came second and TODU Penang temple got national awards for the third place.

So, like this, we thank all the devotees for their dedication, devotion and service.