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Virtual Safari Day 2 – Bangladesh

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Today the safari went to Bangladesh and visited many holy places in Bangladesh including Rūpa and Sanātana Smriti Tīrtha, Mādhava Kunda waterfall, birthplace of Advaita Ācārya and Kheturi dhāma, the birthplace of Narottama dāsa Ṭhākura, and which is also the historic place where the first Gaura Pūrṇimā festival was held. I spoke on various holy places of Bangladesh.

Then we visited some ISKCON temples in Bangladesh including Narsingdi, Swamibagh and Uttarā, Dhaka. In ISKCON Narsingdi, we had darśana of Jagannātha Baladeva Subhadrā deities. They offered very opulent 108 items of safari prasādam and the devotees very enthusiastically performed ecstatic dancing and chanting. Charu Chandra prabhu, Jagat Guru prabhu and many devotees welcomed me from Swamibagh temple.