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Question: You said that Keshava Kashmiri was a devotee of Saraswati who told him that she was the wife of Lord Visnu, Lord Caitanya. But we think that Saraswati is the wife of Brahma.

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Jayapataka Swami: Savitri and Gayatri are the two wives of Lord Brahma. Saraswati is one of the consorts of Lord Visnu. Saraswati and Laksmi are sisters. Right?! Ha! Ha!
Devotee: Also in North India they worship Saraswati as wife of Brahma and in South India.
Jayapataka Swami: The wife of Lord Brahma is Savitri.
HG Ekanath Gaura das: Ok. Google says: Hindus believe that Saraswati is the wife of Lord Brahma, however, according to some traditions, she was first the wife of Visnu.
Jayapataka Swami: Google uvaca! What is that place we went to in Rajasthan? Puskar Tirtha, there because Savitri was late and Lord Brahma was doing a tapasya, so he could not do it as a grihasta without his wife. So he said what should I do, she is not coming! So the sages said, marry someone else! Ha! Ha! So they could not find anyone and they took a maiden and passed her through a cow, cow called Gaya, that is why she got named Gayatri and he married her, but then Savitri said how are you marrying someone without my permission? She cursed him that you will only hold one lotus flower which you will cast down. Wherever it lands you will be worshiped, anywhere else you cannot be worshiped. So that lotus fell down in Puskar Tirtha, so that is why we have a temple of Lord Brahma there.