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Question: You had said that Lord Caitanya when He liberated Jagai and Madhai, He said that no one should criticize them for their past wrongdoings. So my question is 1. Did anyone criticize them after Lord Caitanya asked? And if so, how did He react?

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Jayapataka Swami: We don’t hear any particular person criticize Jagai and Madhai after. But some other examples are there that He said, that He would not give His mercy to mother Saci, to get Krsna Prema, because she had criticized Advaita Gosain. So there are some examples. Chapala Gopal had put goat meat and goat blood on the door of Srivas Thakur and he had done various offences to Srivas. So he got leprosy and as such he was living outside the town, on the side of the Ganges. One day, Lord Caitanya came there and He said, that You are Patita Pavana, most merciful! Please have your mercy on Me! And Lord Caitanya said, NO! You will burn in hell! I won’t give My mercy to you, unless you are forgiven by Srivas. You have offended My devotee, so I will not forgive you! He has to forgive you. So devotees were surprised, they had never heard Lord Caitanya be so heavy. So they went to Srivas and asked him, please give your mercy on Chapala Gopal. He said, I am not a devotee, I am not humble, and stuff. They said, you may not think you are a devotee but Lord Caitanya thinks you are! Ha! Ha! And do you want someone to suffer because of you? He said, no, no, no, no! I don’t want anyone to suffer because of me. So if you don’t want anyone to suffer because of you, you have to go and forgive Chapala Gopal. So then he went to the side of the Ganges and there he forgave Capala Gopal. And as soon as he did that, Lord Caitanya appeared and embraced Capala Gopal as a member of His sankirtan movement! Ha! So we have those kind of examples. But I don’t particularly remember someone who criticized Jagai and Madhai. Madhai had approached Lord Nityananda and said that I hit you, I committed an offence. So what can I do? Lord Nityananda said, you are like My child. If a mother holds her baby and the baby kicks the mother, mother doesn’t take it seriously. So like that you hit Me, it is alright, I didn’t take it seriously! He said, I committed various offences to other vaisnavas in my life. How will I get forgiven for that? Then Lord Nityananda said, yes, that is true. So in the month of April – May, you can dig a ghat on the Ganges and people will bathe there. By your facilitating their bath, you will get forgiven for the offences to others. So Madhai was very strong and on the hottest day of the year, he started to dig a stairway into the Ganges, which was known as Madhai Ghat. And people bathed there and in this way, he was forgiven. So if we preach the holy name, if we distribute cookie prasadam, if we do anything that helps people become Krsna conscious, that will get you forgiveness for many offences that you have done. So, after that, Jagai and Madhai moved to Katwa and I saw the samadhi of them. Every day, they would go to the Ganges and bathe and they were chanting on the way playing kartals, crying in ecstasy. Ha! Ha! They were so changed! From drunkards and rascals, to lovers of Krsna!! Hare Krsna!