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Question: You had inspired us to do Damodara arati program. In Damodardesh or full UAE we are following that. We are doing almost 6000 every year for the past twelve years. We would like to know how you got inspired to let us do this wonderful program?

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Jayapataka Swami: Srila Prabhupada gave me one instruction. Please expand Krsna consciousness process unlimitedly! UNLIMITEDLY! So that was an unlimited instruction! Instruction without limit! I saw that in the month of Kartik or Damodar, people would get 100 times the benefit by rendering any devotional service, especially offering lamp in the month of Damodar. It brought so many benefits to your forefathers, to yourselves, unlimitedly. So then I started this program. And then in South America in Cuenca, Equador, it is in the mountains of the Andes. There they are offering candles they didn’t have ghee deeps, they were offering candles to Yasoda and Krsna. It looked to them like Mother Mary and Jesus. Yasoda and Krsna. Hundreds of people offering candles. Somehow three months, actually four months that you can get special benefits. Three months a year and one every three years. So I have also tried to make the month of Baisak successful. But that is a new program. The third month is Magh month. I haven’t even started that yet. But the other month is every three years, you get 1000 times benefit, in the month of Purushottama. That we have started, and many people offer lamps and do programs, that is a special month for devotional service. It is very bad for material things, but for spiritual things it is SUPER! I told people I have a disease, I realized it a few days ago. I am sorry, but I have this disease. Anyone I speak to, anyone I see, I start to think how to help them advance in their spiritual life! I have this disease. So in the month of Damodara, it is so glorious, why not let people take advantage? In this month of Bhadra if we give Srimad Bhagavatam as a gift, then Krsna says in the Srimad Bhagavat purana that we will go back to Godhead! So we are also recommending people take advantage of this special offer.