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Question: Yesterday you were telling us how Caitanya Mahaprabhu rejected a verse from Bhagavad-gita. My mind is bewildered. If Mahaprabhu said those verses were superficial how do we understand that?

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Jayapataka Swami: I told you sarva dharman paritajya mam ekam saranam vrja. That we should take seriously. But not second line aham tvam sarva papebhyo moksaisyami ma sucaha. Krsna said I will make you free from all sinful reactions. But we devotees, we don’t surrender to Krsna to get free from sinful reactions. There is one verse spoken by Brahma. This verse says that a devotee is prepared to receive his karma phala. But he still continues to offer obeisances to Krsna. He is not interested to pray to Krsna, take my sinful reactions, that is insignificant. Rather, whatever karma I have done let me suffer or enjoy from that. Of course, Krsna will never let His devotees suffer from his karma. This karma will be reduced. Karma phala will be reduced. But devotee, they are not interested going to Krsna to reduce their sinful reactions. So in this way you have to accept because teachings of Bhagavad-gita is to understand Krsna. Once you accept Krsna as everything, I surrender to You, Krsna is Bhagavan, son of Vasudeva, then one can enter into the teachings of the Bhagavatam. That is why Bhagavatam starts the first line of Bhagavatam. Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya. By reading the Bhagavad-gita, he is fully convinced that the son of Vasudeva, Vaasudeva is the Bhagavan. Then ok you enter into Bhagavatam. So that is the most confidential knowledge. You have to take it in that way. I am surrendered. Whether You will protect Me or You will trample Me, You are My lord. Rakhe Krsna mare ke, mare Krsna rakhe ke. If Krsna protects, nobody can kill – how do you feel about it? Good? You feel Good. If Krsna kills nobody can protect! But devotees say You kill me or protect me, both I am ready! If You protect me I am protected. If You kill me even then I am protected. This is the way to understand sarva dharman. Dharma does not refer to Hindu, Muslim, Christian. Dharma refers to varnashrama dharma. Varna and asrama. You are a brahmana, ksatriya, vaisya sudra. Brahmana you do only puja, brahmanas should not work like sudras. Ksatriyas, fighting and management. Vaisyas, only business. Sudra, menial service. But a devotee, what will they do? They will do anything. One time they will do puja and attend class. What is that? Brahmana. Then they will take prasadam and open the book stall. That is vaisya. Then after lunch they will take a bucket and broom and clean the kitchen, the room. What is that? Sudra. Night time, if someone will attack, they will guard. Devotees are security. Devotee is night time, ksatriya, day time vaisya, morning brahmana. That is sarva dharman paritajya. We have to understand. Haribol!