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Question: Yesterday in class you were explaining how Mahaprabhu when He was taking sannyasa, He whispered the vaisnava sannyasa mantra, why did Mahaprabhu take sannyasa in the mayawadi lineage as opposed to a vaisnava lineage?

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Jayapataka Swami: I feel vaisnava sannyasis are in North Indian. Like that because of religion or because He wanted to preach to the mayawadis. Sannyasa initiation in the mayawadi ceremony it is like a samskara, and it is not the same as the initiation where you take a diksa guru. It is like a priest does it. So there has to be a sannyasi priest. So why Lord Caitanya does something or why Krsna does something, even Anantadeva cannot find the end, He has thousands of heads and thousands of reasons, why Lord Caitanya does something, if one was to probably find some reason. Was it preaching to Prakasananda Saraswati and was it because – actually Kesava Bharati was a devotee, we can go on and on. We could all the reasons, because He was the only sannyasi in the neighborhood, I don’t know! Why did He do that? Why not? Ha! Ha! He can do anything! He is independent! So by one act, He does many things, He achieves many things. But there weren’t many vaisnava sannyasis in the region. That is the obvious reason. He was eka danda and Lord Nityananda broke it into three parts and threw it in the river! So in this way, Lord Nityananda gave Him a tridanda. Ha! Ha! This is part of the tridandi tradition and normally the mayawadis are eka dandis. They are monoistic.  We use our body, mind and words in the service of Krsna. And therefore we have a tridandi. In the Bhagavat is the prayer of the Avanti brahmana who took tridandi sannyasa, Lord Caitanya repeated that again and again after taking sannyasa.