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Question: Yesterday during your class you mentioned that Nityananda and Haridas Thakur are punished because they instructed unqualified offenders. They gave proper suggestions to the two drunkards. They almost lost their lives. How can we understand this? When we encounter similar situation, what should we do?

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Jayapataka Swami: I don’t remember saying that Nitai and Haridas Thakur were punished for preaching the glories of the holy name to the offensive people. But that is one of the offences to the holy name. To preach to faithless. But Lord Caitanya was so merciful that He told His followers to request people to chant. We don’t generally say the glories of the holy name. So like if you say the glories by chanting, you can get rid of your sins – sinners may not be very appreciative of these glories of the holy name. So generally we just tell people, chant Hare Krsna and be happy! We don’t tell them all the glories of the holy name, because they are not ready to receive this. We just tell them chant and be happy! Simple thing! If they are faithful, then we can tell them some of the glories of the holy name. This depends on the person listening. So actually Nityananda and Haridas, they didn’t say the glories of the holy name, they just asked Jagai and Madhai to please chant. But Jagai and Madhai were so sinful and drunkards, that they chased after Nitai and Haridas Thakur. So what Nitai and Haridas Thakur did? They ran! They avoided being caught by the two drunkards, and eventually the two drunkards lost sight of them and gave up! They were so drunk they forgot where they were, where they are and what there were heading for! So like this, they were totally bewildered by being intoxicated.