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Question: Why do living entities suffer double punishment by going to Yamaraj first and then having to take a lower birth after that punishment? Have they not suffered once in Yamaraja’s court?

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Jayapataka Swami:  Depends how much bad karma they have. They may suffer in hell for many sinful activities or they may go to Yamaraja’s court and he gives me them a next birth. So, this is like we go to the court and the judge he says, this is your punishment. Going to the court is not a punishment. It is not double. You go to court and Yamaraja, he describes. In one case, the husband was the king’s singer. And as the royal musician, he attracted many ladies. So he had some illicit sex. So his wife became very envious and said, why are you having this relation with other ladies? You are married to me. Naturally. So he apologized and said he would never do it again. So when he died, Yamaraj said, that you rose high but you are looking LOW, LOW LOW! As a result, you will be a vulture, you will be flying high but you will look for dead bodies! You will look LOW! So, when Yamaraja is giving a decision of what birth he would take, I don’t think that itself was a punishment. The punishment was that he would pay for it as a vulture. In some cases, like we heard that Jagai and Madhai they had done so many sins that they had special architects who were designing a custom made hell for them! Ha! Ha! So materialistic architects can get a job with Yamaraja! Designing hells!!