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Question: Who are Sridevi and Bhudevi because you mentioned about Laksmi. You didn’t call them Laksmi, you called them Sridevi and Bhudevi – why?

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Jayapataka Swami:  In Caitanya Lila, who are Sridevi and Bhudevi? Sridevi is Laksmipriya and Bhudevi is Visnupriya. And Nila is Navadvip dham. There are three, Bhu, Sri and Nila. Nila is Navadvip dham.
Devotee: So Radharani’s incarnation?
Jayapataka Swami: They are consorts of Narayana. Radharani is the consort of Krsna, she is like the original Sridevi. Satyabama in Dwaraka is the original Bhudevi. So Krsna took Her with Him because He had promised not to kill Narakasura who was Bhudeva before he became an asura because of bad association. So He had promised that He would not kill Bhudeva unless She gave permission. So He took Satyabama who was the original Bhudevi and then when Narakasura was going to fire his super weapon on Krsna then He asked Satyabama, what should I do? She said, wipe him out. Then Krsna sent His arrow to Narakasura.