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Question: When you are here, you are here but unfortunately many devotees cannot meet you and hear you because of already pre planned yatras. So how to take it?

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Jayapataka Swami: You can serve in separation! Ha! Ha! I don’t know. We try to arrange in such a way that you can all attend. But others said that they needed time to arrange the things. So then we came with the idea that today would be Gandarvika Giridhari Mandir time.
I can have the classes in the evening broadcast by ZOOM or by Facebook and if you want if you are free, you can have those two hours or one hour of the class which we will broadcast and you can see that when you are going on your pilgrimage. Considering that you will probably visit the holy places in the day and morning and afternoon. In the evenings, you can still attend the classes. Haribol!