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Question: When we try to preach to the Bhakti Vrksa members and help them, sometimes they don’t help themselves. So sometimes we tend to give up. In the class you mentioned that Nityananda Prabhu desired to deliver Madhai, is it only when the Lord desires that a conditioned soul is delivered? How can we not give up on a member and continue to help them?

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Jayapataka Swami: You see Lord Nityananda wanted to help Jagai and Madhai, but instead of not only not helping themselves, they attacked, Madhai attacked Nityananda and hit Him on the head with a broken clay pot and caused Him to bleed. I don’t think that the bhakti vrksa members are  – they may be lazy and not help themselves, but they don’t attack you! So you could be patient and determined, they will appreciate in the long run, how you are patient and caring for them! If they don’t help themselves, probably they are suffering. So if you help them, eventually they may take it seriously and start to help themselves, by taking your good advice. But we should do it, not in a very attached to the result manner. We do it as a service to Lord Nitai and you can pray to Lord Nityananda and Lord Caitanya, to please have mercy on this bhakti vrksa member. They may be lazy, they may not be very self-helping, but you can pray to the Lord, to bless them. And in this you will see how the Lord works MAGIC!! Haribol! Haribol!