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Question: When there is a misunderstanding between the disciple and spiritual master, how can Lord Caitanya help the disciple to rebuild the relationship when the disciple approaches the Lord?

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Jayapataka Swami: The guru is the representative of Lord Nityananda. So naturally He is very merciful and he wants to help the disciple get back to Krsna. So it is for the disciple to reestablish his relation with his spiritual master. The disciple may think that there is a misunderstanding, between the guru and his disciple, but that should be seen, what is the reason there is a misunderstanding, maybe there is not a misunderstanding. May be the guru tells the disciple to do something to help the disciple, but the disciple he doesn’t want to do that, he may question the spiritual master, whatever question he has.  But Lord Caitanya can help everybody to have love of Krsna and certainly by love we can cross over all the obstacles. Hare Krsna!