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Question: When I went to Mayapur I met a Gaudiya vaisnava. They were asking me abhishekam is a part of Sri Vaisnava culture, why does ISKCON allow that in their parampara?

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Jayapataka Swami: We have our parampara. Lord Caitanya took a little from each of the four vaisnava sampradayas. Lord Caitanya took two from Brahma, two from the Kumara, Sri and Rudra sampradayas. So our sampradaya whether Brahma sampradaya has abhishek or whether this is something added by Lord Caitanya, we cannot say. I have to research it, but somehow it is allowed in our system. And many things we do are also in the Sri sampradaya. And some things we do are in the Madhvacarya, like that we have different things we do. So we are a combination of all the sampradayas. Lord Caitanya has combined the essence of each although we are formally in the Brahma Madhva, Gaudiya sampradaya.