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Question: What time of the day should we do the tarpana for Bhisma deva? Morning or noon?

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Jayapataka Swami: You see in Mayapur we go at noon time and take bath in the Ganges. I don’t think that here there is a place to bathe in the Ganges. It is cold outside. I don’t know, there is no specific thing that this time you should do the tarpana, pranama, aargya to Bhisma deva. I was thinking I would do it when I take my bath and then invoke the Ganges and offer my prayers,but because here midday may not be possible. There is one verse that says if you bathe in the Ganges in the early morning that is also nice, but here the Ganges has to be invoked by mantra, we cannot bathe. She can bathe in the Ganges when she is in Uttarkanda, but otherwise, in Mayapur we can do that, but generally most devotees bathe at noon time. But there is nothing written that we can bathe this time or that.