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Question: What is the real equality, real equilibrium? According to devotees what is the major equality between us and non-devotees, what we need to do and what they need to do?

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Jayapataka Swami: What is the main equality? Unity in diversity. You see, everyone, although they know it or not, they are all carrying out the order of the Lord. But the devotees they know it and they desire to increase their service to the Lord, but the non devotees, they don’t know it and they think they are the doers. Ahankara vimudatma kartaham iti manyate – they are bewildered by the ahankara, the false ego, and they think they are the doer, but actually the three modes of material nature are forcing them to act in different ways. But these three modes are under the direction of the Supreme Lord. So we surrender to the Lord, so therefore we voluntarily do the service of the Lord and we are not so much affected by the three modes. We don’t care about the three modes. We want to serve Krsna because we love Krsna, we have devotion for Krsna. The non-devotees are serving the Lord, but they don’t have devotion for the Lord, that is the difference. So we want to teach them to have devotion for the Lord and then their life will be perfect. So this month is the month of Damodara. It is a special month for people to render some service to the Lord, to offer lamps, to take prasadam, to be vegetarian, and to do service for the Lord. So this way, they can get a taste to serve the Lord voluntarily, is a great mercy. We bow down, face down before the Lord and the non-devotees, when they die, they bow down face up. Everyone bows down before the Lord. If you want to bow down voluntarily now, bow down, face down. If you bow down involuntarily when you die, you will be face up. What do they say in Andhra Pradesh when they carry the dead body? Govinda! In Hindi what they say, Ram nam satya hai! Rama nam satya hai! In Bengali they say Bolo Hari, Haribol! Bolo Hari Haribol! So here in Andhra Pradesh, they say Govinda!