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Question: What is the difference between sin and aparadha? If a devotee or a disciple fails on his commitments or breaks rules, is it a sin or aparadha?

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Jayapataka Swami: Yes, Yes! If you are a devotee, if you break a principle, that is usually a sin also.  But if you are initiated you have taken a vow, then you are not only breaking a principle, committing a sin and offence. If you are not initiated, a bhakta, shelter or something and you break a principle, you have not taken a vow,  so it is not aparadh but it is a sin. And at the aspiring or shelter, it is a trial basis, but at the time of initiation you take vows. So by that time you should know that you cannot follow, (audio break) commitment restricted like gambling illicit sex, intoxication, eating meat, fish, onion, garlic. So if you have initiation, I say, yes it is because you are both committing a sin plus an offence.