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Question: What is causeless mercy or ahaituki kripa? It seems that Jagai and Madhai became the recipients of Lord Nityananda’s mercy purely because of their completely degraded situation, Lord Nityananda wanted to display the power of Lord Caitanya’s compassion on these two fallen, drunkard brothers. Without the mercy of the Lord it would not have been possible for them to stay fixed up in that state of sadhana as displayed throughout their lives, thereafter. How can we be recipient of such mercy?

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Jayapataka Swami: Guru Krsna, Guru and Nitai Gauranga, give out this mercy. It is called causeless mercy we can never do anything enough to qualify for it. What we can only do is humbly try to offer our service and hope for their mercy. Pray for their mercy. It is up to the sweet will of the Lord.  If He gives us the causeless mercy and if we receive the mercy we should be very grateful and we should reciprocate with that mercy. Maybe we got mercy in the past but we were proud and we didn’t reciprocate, so it is more difficult to get more mercy in the future.