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Question: What devotional services we can perform to attract Lord Nityananda’s mercy? Apart from preaching maybe!

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Jayapataka Swami: Very important. You have answered your own question! We chant Hare Krsna then naturally Lord Nityananda, He is very pleased with us. Actually, Nityananda He has such a mercy that Jagai and Madhai – what did they do to get His mercy? They were doing nonsense, they were drunkards, they were criminals, He still gave them mercy. They hit Him on the head, caused Him to bleed! He said, just because you caused Me to bleed, does that mean I will not give you love of Godhead?! How can you avoid the mercy of Lord Nityananda?! You must be trying very hard to avoid His mercy! He is really giving His mercy! We should simply beg. Narottama das Thakur prayed, ha ha prabhu Nityananda, premananda suki, kripa koro kana koro ami bodo duki. Lord Nityananda giving His mercy is always blissful. I am very sad because I don’t have Krsna consciousness. Please have Your mercy on me! Nitai Gaur! Nitai Gaur! Nitai Gaur! So if you can do something to help spread the Caitanya movement, certainly Lord Nityananda will be pleased. But His mercy is very freely given. We should beg for it, we should do whatever we can to serve Him. Hare Krsna!