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Question: What can we do to protect mother earth?

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Jayapataka Swami: You see, we like to do the needful so that mother earth is protected. If we take mother earth as a place of our residence, then we should not do anything to harm her. Here in Mayapur, I learnt from the local villagers, from different creeds. that they all respect the earth. That once a year the earth would have her menstrual period, they call that the – I forget the name. For three days, no one would plough the land. Amabavatsi? Maybe. So in Bolivia they worship mother earth. So we can tell them to observe the amabvatsi, three days when no one ploughs the earth. That is part of our culture.  The earth is one of the energies of the Lord, so we should not misuse her. Unfortunately, today, all over the world we don’t consider what is good for the earth. Therefore, we are having global warming and various problems. Haribol!