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Question: What can we do to keep an atmosphere like this, remaining in Chile when you leave?

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Jayapataka Swami: Keep me in your mind always. If we want Srila Prabhupada to stay with us always it is important to remember his orders, his pastimes, in this way we can  associate with him always. I was in a  class of Hridayananda  Goswami in  Los Angeles in the Prabhupada festival. He said that those who live close to a mountain, maybe they don’t  notice how tall,  how big the  mountain is.  Similarly if we see  Srila Prabhupada from far away maybe we can  appreciate him more. This is how big our Founder Acharya is. There are many disciples of Prabhupada in Brazil, I told the devotees to take advantage of the association of senior devotees. In the  medicines say an expiration date, we all have an expiration date. I am still here, who knows! We have to take advantage of this opportunity. I will stay three more days in this visit,  I WANT TO MEET WITH MY DISCIPLES, of course, but  also I want to meet the shiksa disciples, nephews, nieces who are taking  different responsibilities . If anybody wants to see me, talk to me, or have something to say I want to talk to you.