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Question: What are souls who go to Brahma jyoti doing? Are they engaged in any activity?

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Jayapataka Swami:  Why do you want to know? Ha! You want to go there?! Ha! Apparently, they don’t, I have no experience, but what we hear from sastra, is that they merge in the light and they cease to have any realization of their individuality. They just become like one drop of water in the ocean. They are still living in a drop, but they don’t realize anything, I mean they realize a certain amount of spiritual bliss, but that bliss is considered like, maybe an ocean of bliss compared to material life, but in comparison with Krsna’s service, it is like a hoof print of a calf in the mud, how much water it contains, compared to the ocean. So serving Krsna is an ocean of bliss, and the Brahma jyoti realization is insignificant compared to that, although it is a lot compared to the material situation.