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Question: We see in Mahaprabhu’s lila that the Lord is sometimes very heavy with Chota Haridas, and very mercifully accepted Mukunda. Gurudeva, is there any difference between the attitude of both of them?

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Jayapataka Swami: You see Lord Caitanya appreciated people being very straightforward and simple. So somehow Chota Haridas, he went to a vaisnavi and in his mind were some bad thoughts. So Lord Caitanya made an example in him because He didn’t want people to be acting like a vairagi, like a person in the renounced order, and then approaching women in some wrong way. But to be honest, He accepted many grihastas. If you are a vairagi, you should not singly meet with women or. So that was the difference. But Mukunda was very honest. He took Lord Caitanya’s words as infallible. And Lord Caitanya said you cannot see Me again. He cannot come in. So he asked the Lord when can I see You? How many births will it take?  Then he heard that He could see the Lord after ten million births. He became very jubilant! So his only offence that he had been contaminated with bad association, by going to some other sampradayas’ class. Lord Caitanya did not want him to do that. So that is the difference. And actually Chota Haridas, although the Lord made him an example there, it is said he attained eternal shelter of Lord Caitanya.