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Question: We notice that devotees who come through bhakti vrksas or who come through namahatta, the initial one year is very enthusiastic, they come, we go to them and we make them very enthusiastic. But post that, we sometimes tend to lose. In our software world we call the, every company has some retention rate and attrition rate, the attrition rate is high either in bhakti vrksa or in namahatta. How can we reduce that?

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Jayapataka Swami: Get them to preach! Then they will increase the numbers. Vaisesika prabhu has been telling us how by book distribution, we are actually increasing our sadhana bhakti. That books preaching, is kind of development of our sadhana bhakti. If the people are encouraged to preach, to engage in outreach – some people don’t like the word preach, so outreach. And then, naturally you will feel very blissful, when other people take it up. So, the retention rate and attrition rate? So also, programs should be fairly interesting. You should have periodically picnics, different types of programs. I saw one preaching report, every Sunday morning, they have a big Harinam, I saw a picture, hundreds of people, they are all chanting together, going on the street, and then sometimes they have picnics, thousand people, huge picnic. Kids playing around, very interesting. If your program is very dull and repetitious, then you may have a high attrition rate. If you have interesting programs, programs for the children, for the youth, for the families, then your retention rate may be very high. So, we don’t recommend having the same program all the time. Every six programs or so, have something unique, different. Hare Krsna!