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Question: We know that only by the mercy of guru and Gauranga we can be a significant instrument in the hands of guru and Gauranga. So what is the right mood we should have to be in their service? Could you please help me?

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Jayapataka Swami: What is the right mood? Mood to please the Lord. You should have the mood to please the Lord. We have sakama devotees and niskama devotees. Sakama they want from the Lord some benefits, can be a house, can be a good husband, can be a good wife, can be this or that. So, they are dong service with these requests, give me, give me, give me, give me, give me!! Something. That is sakama bhakta. And niskama devotees, I don’t ask the Lord anything, I just offer my service. The Lord knows what we need, if He wants, He will give us what we need. I mean, He knows better than me. We may ask give me ten thousand dollars. He says, ‘ten thousand dollars is nothing he needs at least a million, but if I give a million now, he will fall in maya.’ So He gives us after we are ready for, He gives us what we really need. Whereas other devas like Siva, He may give. If someone asks that, ‘I want the power that anybody’s head I touch, their head will disappear.’ So Siva says ok. He says, ok. So let me try Your head first! My head! I just gave you a boon! The person says, I want to see how it works! So like this, then, Siva went to Visnu and said, this demon is chasing me, he wants My head! Ok, you wait here. Visnu, He was in the form of a young boy and so he said, ‘you believe in that Siva, He wipes ashes all over his body, visits the crematorium, who believes Him? Just touch your head, it doesn’t work! And Poof!’ He told Siva, ‘don’t give such boons again!’ So you go to some devas, they may give you what you want, but it is not what you need, but Krsna gives you what you need, He makes sure of that.  Sudama Vipra he went to see Krsna, He couldn’t ask anything! He was a good friend. Although he was wearing torn garments, Krsna embraced him. Krsna welcomed him. Krsna being a ksatriya, He bathed his feet of His brahmana friend. They talked. Vipra Sudama he had baked some chipped rice. Lord Krsna said, ‘what do you have there? He said, it is a small offering that is nothing compared to the jeweled pillars. Nothing, nothing!’  ‘No, no, you brought something for Me’. ‘No it is nothing.’ Krsna said, ‘but if you have bought something for Me then I want.’ ‘No but it is not good enough for You! It is not good!’ Krsna said, ‘no, what is good enough for My devotee, is good enough for Me!’ So by force, He took and ate once, He ate twice and He went to eat three times and Rukmini stopped Him. She said, ‘My Lord, You take three times, I will be in a fix. One time, I will give him a special mercy. Two times I have to give him mercy equal with You! Three times, if You take – he gave more than his capacity, he baked it and offered to You – I have to give him more than You! And that is not possible! So choice is Yours!’ And Vipra Sudama, he didn’t ask anything from Krsna.  But his wife was asking – ‘I want – Krsna is your friend, He is rich, why we shouldn’t live properly?’ Then he came back and in place of his grass hut there was a huge palace. He saw this beautiful lady come out with various maid servants. ‘Who is that? Oh, it is my wife!’ She was wearing silken garments. She said, ‘Krsna sent all this to us!’ So if we serve Krsna, He will give us more than we want, what we need, but we should serve Him for His pleasure and then if He wants He can give us anything. He told Kolaveca Sridhar, ‘what do you want? I will give you a boon.’ And Kolaveca Sridhar, he said, ‘I don’t need anything.’ He said, ‘I will make you a king, you can have so many ministers.’ He said, ‘I don’t want to be a king.’ He said, ‘I will give MYSTIC POWERS! You can become smaller than the smallest, bigger than the biggest, you can go anywhere. You can have anything, praapti.’ ‘I don’t want that’ he said. He said, ‘I will give you liberation, you can merge in the Jyoti.” ‘No, no, I don’t want that. You have to ask some boon from Me!’ ‘If I have to ask a boon,’ Kolaveca Sridhar said, ‘I want that in every avatar that You take, I can provide You vegetables and banana leaves. I can see that small smiling face of that Navadvip brahmana boy, Viswambar, Nimai! But if I am not qualified for that, then please let me be born in the family of Your devotees, so that I can always chant Your holy names and associate with Your devotees.’ So then Lord Caitanya told him ‘I am giving you love for Krsna! I am giving you prema! I AM GIVING YOU KRSNA PREMA! Haribol!’ And then all the devotees there they couldn’t believe this hawker! Audio break he got Krsna Prema! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! What mercy! Gauuuuuuranga! Gauranga! Gauranga! Kolaveca Sridhar was offered all these things and he said ‘I don’t want, but then he got the highest Krsna Prema!’ Thank you very much!