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Question: We know that a Muslim gets punishment from Rājāpur Lord Jagannātha in his dream, when he does not accept the prasāda. How to understand this?

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Jayapatākā Swami: You see, when the Muslim came to see Lord Jagannātha, Baladeva, Subhadrā, in Rājāpur, the pūjārī offered him prasāda, he took it and threw it and said, “I don’t take food offered to idols.” Then the pūjārī said, “if you think like that, why did you come here?” So like that he left. Next day he came and offered his prostrate obeisances to the Lord and begged the pūjārī for prasāda. The pūjārī asked him, “Are you crazy or what? Yesterday, you threw the prasāda, today you are begging for it. Why is that?”He said, ‘last night these three came to me in my dream. The guy with the white face, He grabbed me by the neck and said, “You threw My brother’s prasāda, I am going to get you!” And the lady said, “Get him! Get him!” But the one with the smiling black face, He said, “Oh leave him alone he did not make that big an offense.” But now I believe! I BELIEVE! I BELIEVE! I WILL NEVER THROW PRASĀDA! I BELIEVE!”
So he got special mercy from Lord Jagannātha, Baladeva, Subhadrā. that is why we say that the Rājāpur Deities are very merciful and very active. Normally, the yavanas would not get such mercy, but Rājāpur Jagannātha, He is very special! Haribol! Jagannātha kī jaya! Jagannātha kī jaya! Lord Jagannātha kī jaya!!