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Question: We have heard that one result of taking charanamrita is akala mrtyu haranam – freedom from untimely death. How to understand devotees’ dying in accident or due to sudden illness or other unfortunate circumstances?

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Jayapataka Swami: Maybe they didn’t take charanamrita! So by taking charanamrita, some of the benefits are stated. Akala mrtyu haranam. So we don’t know exactly what is akala – untimely death. Maybe our death is meant to be at a certain age, so it is not actually akala mrtyu. Also if someone dies due to some illness or something, but if they are taken back by Krsna to the spiritual world, then the Lord promises, na me bhakta pranasyati – So He protects the devotee and takes him back to the spiritual world. So, there are various ways, you can see it. Thank you for your question.