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Question: We have heard many times that God is unlimited or Krsna is unlimited, but a general person asks, you say God has 64 qualities and how can you say He is unlimited?

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Jayapataka Swami: Parasara Muni, the father of Vyasadeva, he studied the different personalities and he wrote that Lord Brahma has 50 unique qualities. This is Parasara muni’s evaluation.  That doesn’t mean that the Lord is limited to 50 or 60 qualities. It is just like you have different statisticians who figure out what is the statistics. So Parasara muni he analyzed, he found that Lord Brahma had 50, Lord Siva had 55, Lord Visnu had 60 and Krsna had 64, although He is Visnu Himself. But He has four unique qualities and that is Parasara muni’s calculation. But Anantadeva, with thousands of heads and on each head He holds unlimited universes. He is constantly glorifying the qualities of Krsna and to this day it has not come to an end! So if you want use Anantasesa, the multi-headed, the thousand headed snake, His evaluation compared to Parasara muni’s 64, very easy for us, but that doesn’t limit the Lord, He has unlimited qualities. Haribol!